GCH Planett's N Shamrock's Don't Think Twice x GCH Rockstar's Right Side of Wrong CGC
Whelped: 2/19/16       BAER: Unilateral
Color: Black/White       Height: 23"

Steele, now known as Wyatt,  started his show career at the Dalmatian Club of Greater Atlanta Specialty weekend, 8/26/16, and earned RWD at both specialty shows, under Judges Luanne Williams and Joan Lester, as well as at the Lawrenceville KC show, under Judge Cindy Stansell . He was Best in Sweeps at the 2nd specialty under Judge Ann Smith.

Wyatt earned his first point at the Augusta KC show, 10/9/16, under Judge Joe Walton.

Wyatt went back to Atlanta with handler Kristen Apodaca while I was recovering from surgery, 10/21-10/23/16. He took a point all 3 days under Judges Jon Cole, Kathleen Carter, and Sharon Smith. He also went to Winston Salem for the Furniture City KC shows 11/12-11/13/16, with Kristen handling, and took his first major under Robert Indeglia, after taking RWD to his Uncle Bono the previous day.

Wyatt and I got back in the ring together at the Central Carolina Dalmatian Club specialty on 3/24/17. It was a good catch up for us both and he took WD for a 5 point major under Judge Patti Strand. At the Dalmatian Club of America's National Specialty in May 2017, Wyatt took 2nd place in Bred By Exhibitor at both the Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis, and at DCA.

Wyatt finished his champoionship right where he started the year before. He earned 2 points at the Sawnee Mt. KC under Judge Penny DiSiena, and finished at the Lawrenceville KC show by taking BOW, for his 3rd major, under Judge Carol Jean Nelson.

He is the first CH for both his sire, Jake, and his dam, Shane.

Steele's call name was changed to Wyatt when he went to live with his new family
near  Raleigh, NC. in October, 2017. He's a happy spoiled boy with 2 young girls to love him.
Photo by
Tana Rugg