BAER: Bilateral      CHIC# 33289
PennHIP: 0.30/0.22
Thyroid Normal    Whelped: 7/31/02

Stevie retired from the show ring in the US after winning Best of Breed
at the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty in 2006.
She traveled to Canada in 2008, where she won the
Dalmatian Club of Canada’s National Specialty from the classes, and
completed her Canadian CH. in 2009.

DCA wins include Best in Sweeps, 2003, First Award of Merit-
2004, Winner of Top Twenty Event, 2005, Best of Breed, 2006,
and Award of Merit 2011 from the veteran class.

As a veteran, Stevie returned to the ring at selected specialties. She
finished her Grand Championship entirely from the veteran classes at
stand alone specialties. She won Best of Breed at 9 specialty shows during her career,
the last one in 2011, when she finished her Grand Championship at age 9.

Stevie recently retired from therapy dog duties with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs,  after 10 years of service. The work at a local nursing home and community college is now being handled by her kids Scandal and Slade, and grandkids Shane and Storm. We are happy to say that Stevie remains relatively healthy at nearly 15 years old.

Stevie is very proud of her son, Dylan, GCH Rockstar Thanewood Freewheeling, who recently followed in her
pawprints by winning Best of Breed at the Dalmatian Club of America National Specialty for 2016!

We are also very proud of Stevie’s 12 champion kids, and her 4 performance titled kids.

We lost Stevie to a stroke 10/5/17, 2 months after she turned 15 years old. She was my once in a lifetime dog and we are still trying to get used to her being gone.
CH Satin's Clown'N Around CDX x CH Pepperlane Snow Hill Imagine